How To Work With Your Barber To Find The Right Haircut For You

Haircuts may seem like a frivolous topic of conversation to some, but the way that you choose to cut and style hair can have a real influence over the way that people perceive you. While this can mean that people can use your style of haircut to stereotype you and pass faulty judgement, it also means that styling your hair can be a tool you use to express your interests and personality for your benefit. For this reason, it's important to know how to care for your hair and to have good communication with a barber that you trust who can help you find the right aesthetic for what you want a haircut to help you achieve. 

While it's not a bad idea to bring a picture with you to help, when communicating with your barber it's important for you to already be familiar with what it is that you're going for and the language you'll need to communicate it efficiently. For example, you should refrain from using vague statements like "just a trim" because that could mean different things to different people. It's important to be specific, especially while you're building trust with a new barber.

The easiest way to communicate what you want to your barber is by making references to specific styles, cuts, and lengths. Shorter cuts like buzz cuts and crew cuts are simple, easy to maintain, and give off an air of energy. Some slightly longer variations of short cuts like fades, undercuts, pompadours, and cuts with fringes or side parts also have a classic, clean, and well-kept look that does well in professional environments. longer comb-overs or swept back hair are excellent ways of expressing an elegant and casual yet well-put-together look. Cuts like the faux hawk and fringe, which feature short hair that is longer in front, are known for giving the impression of confidence while longer cuts and styles like the man bun can help you to seem more approachable and easy-going. 

Having an idea of what your various options are will help you communicate your personality and preference to your barber, but it's also important to ask for input and trust what your barber says will work for you and what won't. Because they are professionals, barbers are experienced and understand what types of hair textures and facial structures pair well with what cuts and styles, so you shouldn't be too quick to dismiss your barber if they advise you against getting a cut you liked walking in. Taking a new barber's advice will also help you to build a good camaraderie with and confidence in your barber as you start to work with them.

Because the way you cut and style your hair has an effect on the way that people perceive you, it's a wise choice to put at least a little bit of thought into the barber you choose, the cut and style you select, and the communication between you and your barber. Doing some research before hand and familiarizing yourself with your options so that you can communicate effectively is just as important as keeping an open mind and taking your barber's expert advice. Once you have identified your goals for what image you're going for, it will be easier for you tailor your hair cut and style to help you achieve those goals. 

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